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Interview Preparation

  • 盡量搜集該公司的資料,如背景、文化、產品、市場定向等。
  • 清楚肯定你要會見的人員及申請的職位。
  • 如對公司地址不肯定,應該於出發前一天查看地圖,並計劃好交通安排。
  • 出發前確定所有相關文件已攜帶,主要有履歷表、離職信、身份証明文件及相片等。
  • 衣著必須整潔,男士可恤衫結領帶;女士套裝衫裙較佳。
  • 練習一些熱門問題。語言方面,應以英語及國語練習一些面試常用的對答。
  • 應盡力正面回答每條問題。
  • 盡量和面試人員保持眼神交流。
  • 面試前應與先與對方握手,面試未開始前應耐心等待,切勿打擾對方。
  • 有關薪酬及福利問題應在對方發問時才談及。
  • 可以在面試結束前詢問會否有第二或第三次面試安排。

Preparation before the interview:
  • Gather as much information as possible about the company, such as background, culture, product, marketing of the company and so on.
  • Ensure that you understand the position you are applying for, and the personnel you are going to meet.
  • If you are unsure about the location of the company, please plan a day before the interview is due, the company suggest that the planning should include transportation arrangements and a clear location of the company’s address from the map.
  • Before you depart for the interview, please ensure all the documentations are ready, such as biographic sketch, resignation letter, Hong Kong SAR Identification Card, photos and so on.
  • The dress must be immaculate, gentlemen should wear shirt with tie, and ladies should wear coverall unlined upper garment skirt.
  • Please practice some common topics. As for the requirement of the language, English and Mandarin are essential on daily basis, the interview may be carry out in English and Mandarin as well. The company recommends that the practices you carry out should be in English and Mandarin as well.
Interview Techniques:
  • Please answer all questions during the interviews with the best of your abilities and knowledge.
  • Please try to interact with the interviewer and it includes eye contact as well.
  • Please shake hand before the interview takes place. Please be patient and DO NOT disrupt the interviewer when you are waiting for the interview to begins.
  • As for the salaries and benefits, please only answer once the interviewer inquires.
  • Before the end of the interview, questions can be raise about further interviews.

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